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For years we watched companies struggle to attract qualified marketing and creative talent, while graduates with degrees in the field had tough time landing suitable jobs. Low paying jobs and routine tasks are all but motivating for these individuals, and burden of student debt makes the situation even less bearable.

We at Schoolgency solve this differently by putting forward an educational model which gives equal importance to all three success drivers of a modern professional: knowledge, practical skills and network. Knowledge has no equity unless applied, and there is no way to apply it without a great professional network.

Being supported by institutional partners, Schoolgency offers education and training cost free to its students. On top of that, Schoolgency provides a monthly stipend, comparable to a minimum wage to help students offset their living expenses while in school.


Students at Schoolgency develop wide range of skills by working on multiple projects for different organizations. Given this, we are confident that our students will hit the ground running and will enter the workforce at a level that fully utilizes their talents.


Our students do not only learn from books. By spending half of their time in academic training and the other half working on real cases for our institutional partners, they gain knowledge which is in demand and is highly valued by their future employers.


Schoolgency offers its students an access to a great network of its partners and beyond. By the time of graduation, students will not only know who their prospective employers are and what working for them is like, but will already have built trust and intimate relationships with them.











We believe the current educational system to be essentially flawed, with students entering workforce lacking practical knowledge, highly demanded skills and with a heavy debt on their shoulders. We believe professional education should be a basic right in the modern society and not a privilege.


Our goal is to raise professionals in high-demand marketing and creative disciplines through an extensive academic and practical training. Our target is for all our students to graduate with zero debt, vast professional network and several job offers right out the door.

Schoolgency is the brainchild of branding and advertising guru Erik Saelens and strategy director Gegham Artsruni from Brandhome, a multinational brand consultancy with hundreds of successfully completed and ongoing projects around the world. We know all well the type of professionals in demand and use our knowledge and resources to create such professionals.

Erik Saelens

Erik Saelens

Founder and executive strategic director at Brandhome. Erik specializes in rebranding and renaming, having researched more than 250 brand-change operations worldwide. 

Gegham Artsruni

Gegham Artsruni

Managing partner at Brandhome USA. Gegham is an accomplished business leader with vast experience in consumer goods industry. He has successfully championed a number of business expansion, transformation and transition projects around the world. 

Schoolgency offers its institutional partners a unique opportunity to work with our student teams and groom talent for future hiring. All our partners are required to assign real work to the students, which will be supervised and thoroughly vetted by industry experts before being handed over. Let’s talk and see how Schoolgency can help you get better trained creative talent onboard and get your smaller projects handled in a cost-effective way.

Need more information, or interested in becoming a Schoolgency partner?

625 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139